Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Changing Purposes...

Well one reason it's been so dead around here is the fact that we are pulling up stakes and leaving Greenwich Village and moving to Brandon, Vermont. Huge changes are afoot for our little family. I'll be using this blog to document the move, our changes in lifestyle and the starting of my own craft business.

So this is our house..

We just finished our inspection. It went really well, except we need a new porch. We also have to have the boiler fixed. Apparently it leaks, and the auto refiller isn't working. And apparently if you start a boiler without it being filled it can explode. Good to know.

I'm also having to arrange for garbage pick up. Unless we want to go to the dump. See this a foreign concept to me. No garbage men? You can go to the dump?

Oil. We have to buy oil. And prices fluctuate wildly. You can try buying it ahead of time to hedge your bets but you can wind up paying 4 dollars for a two dollar commodity.

We are also looking at couches because we now have a "double living room" I think our current living room could considered a "half" living room. :)

We already know some of her neighbors which I find very amusing. In NYC you don't really get to know your neighbors unless you have a dog and kids and then usually you only get to know the neighbors with dogs and kids. It took me over 5 years to get to know my neighbors. I still don't know one the couple who lives on my floor and wouldn't know them from Adam on the street.

Vermont is going to be very, very different.

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